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IguanaGrip Anti-Slip Safety Solution

Anti-Slip Safety Solution

IguanaGrip® is the first Nanotechnology based anti slip safety solution in India. We often hear about accidents in wet areas and now we have a permanent solution for those accidents. People often meet accident and they complaint about slippery floor. Don’t take any risk, contact IguanaGrip team today and make your floor permanently slip free. This is just a one or two hour treatment on floor and then there will be no risk of getting slipped even when floor will be wet. With the IguanaGrip, your floor gets very fine treatment or microscopic texture of treatment.

Our ant slip treatment works on all kinds of hard floors. It does not matter that which type of flooring you have for this solution. Recommended areas are Kitchen, Stairs, Bathroom and all other slippery floors, which often get wet. This treatment is for both indoor as well as outdoor floorings. Already many corporate houses, restaurants, IT companies etc have gone through this treatment.

Advantages of using IguanaGrip:

  1. Complete safety for slippery areas.
  2. Hygienic
  3. No pungent smell like other solutions
  4. NO expenditure on maintenance
  5. Approved by ADA
  6. Cost effective
  7. Instant results
  8. No damage to floor
We are offering two different types of products for different floors:
  1. IguanaGrip Ultra: this product will work mainly for the Porcelain, different types of granites, Ceramics and Vitrified.
  2. IguanaGrip Supra: this product will work for marble, Mosaic, Kota and Kapda.

IguanaGrip® uses two different Anti Slip-Non Slip Products to make slippery floors:

  1. IguanaGrip® Ultra : is effective on Ceramic, Granite, Porcelain and Vitrified tiles and can be used indoors and outdoors
  2. IguanaGrip® Supra : is effective on Marble, Mosaic, Kota, Kadpa and can be used indoors and outdoors

Call us on for demonstration and IguanaGrip® service and stop slipping!

All our products are eco-friendly and safe after treated on floor. For more details kindly download our MSDS